Dual form of Education is a method of training that includes theoretical training of students of higher education institutions and their practical training at enterprises. Sumy National Agrarian University is actively and quite successfully implementing dual education. SNAU students become participants of Open Agro University, which provides an opportunity to gain knowledge from the best theorists and get training at advanced agricultural and food enterprises (read more at the link:

Recently, Sumy NAU took part in the international forum “Public Dialogue Between Business and Educational Institutions”. The event was held online on April 28, 2023. The main purpose of the event was to discuss practical cases of implementation of a dual form of education in Ukraine and popularize best practices.

Vice-Rector for Research and International Activities of SNAU Yurii Danko together with the leading specialist of the Centre for advanced training, retraining, improvement of managers and specialists of SNAU Hanna HLUKHODID presented the report “Features of Implementation of Dual Training by Agricultural Universities: the Case of Sumy NAU”.

The event was held within the framework of the project on the introduction of dual education in Ukraine, with the support of the USAID Project “Economic Support for Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Marketing Association, the state institution “Scientific and Methodological Centre of Higher and Professional Higher Education”, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.

The forum brought together about 150 representatives of education and business from different parts of the world: Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Moldova, Kazakhstan. Thus, the participants of the event could learn from the experience of not only domestic higher education institutions, but also foreign ones. Especially significant were the reports of Representatives of Germany, because this country is considered the “homeland” of dual education. Back in the 20th century, they introduced a training system in the proportion of “30% – theory, 70% – practice”.

We would like to thank the moderators and forum participants for their professional discussion, informative presentations and high level of organization, including broadcasting in Ukrainian and English.

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