Sumy NAU begins cooperation with LLC “Yekaterynoslavskyi Milk Production Complex” to expand opportunities for dual education in our institution of higher education.

Sumy National Agrarian University is always open to productive joint work with leading enterprises of Ukraine, including flagships of the dairy industry.

“Yekaterynoslavskyi Milk Production Complex” is the largest breeding plant of the Brown Swiss breed in the world. The enterprise has more than 2,000 dairy cows and independently harvests more than 60,000 tons of fodder. In addition to the production of milk, “Yekaterynoslavskyi Milk Production Complex” produces mixed feed for cattle, pigs, horses and poultry. It uses modern technologies and the company’s staff is about 200 employees.

Expanding the geography of partnership relations with business is one of the priority areas of development of Sumy National University, because it provides a wide range of opportunities for our institution of higher education to train a highly qualified graduate adapted to production. As part of the introduction of this priority, on September 28, an online meeting of higher education graduates of the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Engineering Technology and the faculty of Biology and Technology was held with representatives of “Yekaterynoslavskyi Milk Production Complex”.

During the meeting, representatives of personnel and veterinary services of LLC “Yekaterynoslavskyi” spoke in detail about the features of the company’s functioning, outlined the employer’s expectations regarding the competencies of future employees. In turn, the students were interested in the possibilities and conditions of practical training and dual education.

According to the results of the meeting, in order to start mutually beneficial cooperation, the parties worked out a number of issues that require coordination with the top management.

“Yekaterynoslavskyi Milk Production Complex”: