SNAU is strengthening cooperation with the “Hlobyno” group of companies in order to improve the system of dual education for students of all faculties.

Cooperation with the leading enterprises of the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine is one of the priority tasks of SNAU. The training of a competitive specialist adapted to the conditions of production and the continuous development of technologies require high-quality integration of business, education and science.

On October 19, a working meeting of representatives of SNAU and “Hlobyno” took place. The main message of the meeting was the strengthening of cooperation with leading stakeholders in the context of the development of dual education with the aim of deepening the professional competences of students of higher education.

The group of companies “Hlobyno” is developing dynamically and therefore is expanding the range of relevant professions. From October 2023, applicants for the “Transport Technologies” and “Agroengineering” specialties will be able to study under dual education or undergo practical training on the basis of production units of ” Hlobyno “. Aware of the need for continuous staff training, the company’s representatives talked about the possibilities of the Hlobyno Academy online platform, as well as updated training and internship maps for applicants.

During the constructive dialogue, SNAU representatives emphasized the importance of planning and coordinating the schedules of dual training and practical training in such a way that the applicant could master all the components of the technological process. In order to eliminate the difficulties that hinder the intensive involvement of SNAU applicants to work on the basis of enterprises of “Hlobyno “, a whole package of measures aimed at the implementation of a high-quality information campaign among students was developed.

Also, during the event, the parties exchanged mutual proposals regarding future working visits to familiarize themselves with the innovations of the material and technical bases.

As a result of the working meeting, the parties reached agreements on: